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We caught up with the Crave / Hoodoo crew to find out
the story so far, prior to their first bithday bash this Friday 30th May..

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Hoodo banner photoThe Crave crew and their side project Hoodoo have picked up serious momentum over the last year. Hosting outdoor partys to thousands of people and then taking their show onto Nottinghams club scene, picking up a Breakspoll nomination along the way.

We caught up with them to find out the story so far ahead of their gargantuan first birthday bash on 30th May at Stealth and Rescue Rooms..

Who is involved with Crave/Hoodoo?
There are loads of people who started the first Crave, which was just mates chilling by a fire really! A group of maybe 20+. Hoodoo is an offshoot project with fewer people involved. The decision-making process would be ridiculous if everyone was involved and picking a headliner would take weeks. We've tried to keep things anonymous without egos, so officially there's only one name behind both parties. He's a semi-mythical amphibious character on facebook and his name is Vibe Factory... he looks after things. We get huge amounts of help from lots of people who just enjoy the parties, they help by flyering or selling tickets for events. I think that's important and we're very grateful for it...

Do you have any particular ethos as promoters?
We have always tried to keep it simple: fun with no attitude. With Hoodoo, we've tried to give good value and keep ticket prices low, and Crave is obviously free. Because Crave started in such a natural environment there has always been a sort of planet earth inspired appreciation of nature... you'll always find a bit of real nature at our indoor parties too.

Hoodoo night with spinning flame lights.

In terms of promoting, we've always felt that the more parties there are the better it is for a music scene, so we try not to be competitive with other nights. In this respect we've collaborated with the likes of Spectrum when it has been possible, and we try and communicate with other promoters to avoid clashes. Sometimes they happen but we don't play games or try to 'take on' other nights. It''s all about cultivating a good environment where people want to go out all the time.

People asks us what the music policy is, we're pretty open to anything. We tend to book breaks, electro and electro house headliners but anything that is good will get played.

There has been quite a buzz about the parties at the university lake, tell us about these..
Crave is based in and around the caves and surrounding woods next to the lake and is a really special event. We only do a few a year because the english weather is so shit, at the last couple there has been a few thousand people coming down which has been overwhelming and a brilliant spectacle. Crave has that special vibe on the night where everyone is just really happy to be there, planning is always pretty stressful but always worth it once everyone's there and dancing. We'll be running the last one ever pretty soon as lots of the people who help put on the party are leaving Nottingham. Its going to have more areas, bigger soundsystems and djs, we're planning smerf it! Hopefully people will carry the idea forward and keep holding parties there, it's just too good an opportunity to miss. This summer will be the last ever Crave....

Whats the story of evolution from Crave to Hoodoo?
Crave started with just a few people saying goodbye to an international student who was going home. We had a fun night and when the sun came up over the lake we all thought it needed to happen again with more people and louder music! It was just such a beautiful setting and that was how Crave really started. The problem was getting into all this great music and really enjoying putting on parties, but Englaind is not a place for outdoor partying except for maybe 3 months of the year. We also wanted to be able to afford bigger soundsystems and our favourite djs. We booked The Rig under Rock City, booked some of our favourite DJs, crossed our fingers and prayed people would turn up. Luckily they did! The first hoodoo was anything but a financial success, the important thing was everyone was enjoying themselves and the music. We gained in confidence, booked Stealth, and Hoodoo really managed to establish itself.

Whats been the best party to date?
Well... being the optimisticly biased i'd like to say it's got better everytime. A particular highlight would definitely be Gaudi's Live dub and breaks set last year. He played to 300,000 people before, in front of the Colloseum in Rome. He was just a natural performer. It was so good of him to come and play, a real favour and he absolutely smacked it! Hopefully he'll be coming back soon.

Hoodo busy party

Who would be your ideal booking?
The Chemical Brothers. I'd also love to get bands playing at 3 in the
morning again, maybe Rage against the machine now their back

What would be your ideal location for an outdoor party?
In the sea but when the sea only comes up to your knees. Health and safety would love it, with floats if you wanted to lie down. It would always be warm.

You recently hosted a room at the Detonate indoor festival, how was the night?
That was a great night, we only had Rescue Rooms but we managed to get a real party going on, people dancing all over the place. It was great to be part of the festival as Detonate always do a great job on that night. Apparently next year they're going to give us Rock City main room!

Tell us about the upcoming gig on the 30th May?
It's our 1st Birthday! We've booked the whole of Stealth and Rescue Rooms and we're bringing in our favourite DJs of the moment. The line up is ridiculous: we've got Tom Real vs The Rogue Element headlining the main room with Elite Force in support. Downstairs we've got NAPT doing a show with their Funkatech label boss Incyte, that should be a real highlight. Then support from 30Hz who is massive in the breaks community and known for mashing genres up. We've also got our way with a band playing at stupid oclock in the Rescue Rooms, Subgiant who are a brilliant instrumental electronic band with lots of rock influences. This will be our best night yet!

Anything else youd like to say to the LeftLion readers?
Check our website for the next date of Crave, general news and info. We're also running a DJ competition to play at Hoodoo's 1st Birthday. Get in touch and send us a mix if you want to play! or post to: 77 Lenton Blvd. Notts. NG7 2FQ.

We salute you LeftLion!

Crave presents Hoodoo 1st birthday party takes place at Stealth and Rescue Rooms. Friday 30th May, 10pm - 5 am. Advance tickets are £8, available from Rock City / Selectadisc and

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