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    On Sunday, Broad Street got taken over by loads of local musicians in a charitable frenzy so we went down to check it out
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    "I was born in Detroit, and moved to Chicago in the late eighties. My first experience with music was hearing my cousin beatbox and trying to mimic her style"
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    With their debut headline tour imminent, we spoke to the alt-pop quartet about all things live, art and musical

Theatre Royal is currently showing an edgy ballet with a timeless message, taken from Mr Orwell. We got down to check it out read more...

"Things are starting to happen, people are starting to pay a bit of attention so yeah there is this excitement of upcoming shows and releases but I’m not sure about the whole breakthrough act title" read more...

Old favourites and brand new tracks as the band launched their Fast Food EP at Rough Trade read more...

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Top places to buy music

  • Fopp
    Go in with £20. Come out with more than you can carry.
  • That's Entertainment
    Like Fopp, but with music from a year earlier and even cheaper.
  • The Music Exchange
    Vinyl, CDs and a brilliant local artists section. Run by homeless charity Framework.
  • Rob's Record Mart
    Like a record-filled heaven for the serious second-hand vinyl enthusiast.
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