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"Never dwell in the underpants of yesterday’s A&R men; never tour your best selling album as a pathetic attempt to please fans who have forgotten how to dance" read more...

Hello Thor livened up a Friday night with three bands who don't get out much in Nottingham read more...

Part of the Denizen stable of musicians, the artist formerly known as Leah Sinead has been enchanting audiences since emerging a couple of years ago read more...

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Top places to buy music

  • Fopp
    Go in with £20. Come out with more than you can carry.
  • That's Entertainment
    Like Fopp, but with music from a year earlier and even cheaper.
  • The Music Exchange
    Vinyl, CDs and a brilliant local artists section. Run by homeless charity Framework.
  • Rob's Record Mart
    Like a record-filled heaven for the serious second-hand vinyl enthusiast.
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