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The former Gallows frontman brought his latest outfit to Rough Trade read more...

With Harleighblu, Clay Shaped Boy, Crosa Rosa, 94 Gunships, Bru-C, Lacey, CANs, Debris Slide and Kagoule read more...

The Thriller season is afoot with a tale of a man's murderous alter ego read more...

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Top places to buy music

  • Fopp
    Go in with £20. Come out with more than you can carry.
  • That's Entertainment
    Like Fopp, but with music from a year earlier and even cheaper.
  • The Music Exchange
    Vinyl, CDs and a brilliant local artists section. Run by homeless charity Framework.
  • Rob's Record Mart
    Like a record-filled heaven for the serious second-hand vinyl enthusiast.
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