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    Explore the thought processes behind the other-worldly art born from a Mimm Collective artist...

Local designer, printer and graffiti artist Elliott Caine of TheFTS.co lets us in on his artistic process...

"If Robin Hood was alive today, I think he'd say 'steal rich people's walls and give them to the poor'"...

"I'll be stood in ASDA and see someone who looks like a Quentin Blake character from a Roald Dahl book, and I'll go home and draw them"...

Check out the creative process of a man whose hand and eyeballs must hurt very much. All in the name of detailed landscapes...

"I was one of those kids who would record a Saturday morning cartoon so that I could later squint past a warped VHS image and sketch out the characters"...

Rapper and grime artist uses boobs as his muse......

"It's a pet dog's coat that I've then imbued with puppetry, irreverence and the illusion of life"...

'I've always loved fine furniture, even when I was aged eight playing cars under my mum's prized G-Plan sideboard'...

'There's nothing more rewarding than engaging people and getting a reaction: it could be laughter, or recognition, or "Ewww"...

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