One Nottingham man's ode to hairy hairy women. Potentially not safe for work!!...

Supporting Notts County this season has been like watching Jeremy Kyle - immense fun, but deep down very, very wrong...

A Robin Hood film, 3-D specs, sequels and remakes galore - have a glance at what films are awaiting release this year...

Get LeftLion delivered to your door...

Just before Christmas kicked in Dealmaker Records organised their own self-styled carol service...

You wouldn’t go watch a film at Cineworld and then chat to the cashier about it afterwards...

Celebrating the achievements of Nottingham artists in 2010. Watch out for ... Yelena Popova, Sooky Huh, Vicki Lawson and Kaption1....

"Downey Junior plays the same arrogant, yet lovable, character he showcased in Iron Man, but with added substance abuse"...

After a slight absence Alt:Lion is back with usual ace music and crazy chatter from Jon and Dan....

We bundle up a scalp, fake IDs, the smell of whiffy clubs and a bag of steak bakes for the benefit of future generations ...

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    Legendary Notts free-party collective DiY threw a 25th birthday at the weekend. At their expense. As ever. Then someone robbed them. LeftLion asks if you can help
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    "For the first time in recent memory we’ve got a genuine Forest hero and legend in charge, a man who the fans would happily follow through the Gates of Hell if he said it was the right thing to do"
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    "They are a breath of fresh air. Jason is simply describing a world that we all inhabit and can relate to"
  • Hot Japanese Girl
    "I ended up spitting beer in our guitarist’s face, and at the end of the song he just took off his guitar and hit me on the back with it"
  • Music Venue Accessibility
    We spoke to Rob Maddison of local band Spaceships Are Cool about the ups and downs of rolling to gigs and festivals
  • Aah Ter Talk Notts
    A starter course on the greatest accent in the world