Warning: Icelandic hardcore sexy-pop electro-tigers on the loose TONIGHT. Above Clinton Cards...

Yechnically gifted and audibly enticing, with geeky guitar explorations and complicated compositions.....

Collaborations, lyrics, chord progressions, art; whatever you have got to give can be fed in to the band’s creative process...

It promises to be the longest Saturday night and Sunday morning in LeftLion's journalistic history. Who will survive, and what will be left of them?...

"First we knew about it was the papers, saying a bunch of organised anarchists were targeting the City. You’ve got to giggle at that. Organised ones?"...

From historical contexts and modern phenomena to technological recording, patterns, splats and cartoons....

Beat Six, Hadouken, The Recovery, Vincent Vincent And The Villains, The Courteeners, Mr Drastick, The Futureheads...

"We were accepting anything. We’d do any gig to get anywhere. I remember doing one for a Ginsters pasty."...

"I could have had class, I could have been a contender. I could have been somebody"...

Pick of the Week

The best of the next seven days in Notts...

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NTU School of Art & Design

NTU School of Art & Design
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  • Murdered By My Boyfriend
    This new, one-off BBC Three drama is based on the true story of a Nottingham girl who suffered at the hands of domestic abuse
  • LeftLion Magazine #59
    With Rankin, London Grammar, Ronika, World War I, Kogumaza, Sneinton Arts Scene and the eighties miners strikes
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    It's been ten years since Xylophone Man's death, so we look at some of the buskers knocking around the city streets today
  • Five Reasons Why Grandmaster Flash Changed The Game
    The man who introduced the medium of hip hop to the mainstream will grace the stage of Nottingham this Sunday at The Approach
  • City Ground World Cup All-Stars
    Think Forest are no match for World Cup footballers? Well here's a full squad of players from Brazil 2014 who have played at the City Ground
  • A Canadian at London 2012
    "I want to lose myself in the joyous atmosphere of the world’s middle class getting together to cheer on its fastest and best at throwing heavy objects"
  • 3D Printing
    Remember when putting colour on paper was revolutionary? Things are a bit more advanced now
  • Paul Kaye on Sid Vicious
    "What tepid and conservative times we live in by comparison. Kids didn't tweet their idols back then, they gobbed at them"
  • Pick of the Week: 30 June - 6 July
    From a summer fair and a half on Derby Road and Canning Circus to dancing on trams to EP launches. Don't miss out on the fun
  • Meadow Lane World Cup All-Stars
    Don't think you see many World Cup footballers at Notts County? Well you might be surprised. Here's a full squad seen at Brazil 2014