A green giant challenges King Arthur's knights to hit him with a razor-sharp axe but afterwards they must agree to be struck in return...

You can’t really avoid Danny Boyle’s latest. Not only is it all over television and radio but Vikas Swarup’s Q&A has now shot up the book charts...

If you hate early starts and late finishes then gravedigging is not the job for you. But someone has to do it and that man is local author Ian Shipley...

By careful study of airline schedules, Bernard can ensure that his three flight attendant girlfriends never meet...

Subjects for discussion include Brian Clough, Alan Sillitoe, C. Day-Lewis, the Poet Laureate who grew up in Edwinstowe and Paddington Bear...

The long-awaited return of the best student podcast in Notts - with added Nottingham-speak and tunes ahoy ...

There’s an obvious appreciation for - and influence by - cult Japanese films…especially those with extreme violence....

Watchmen, a Terminator sequel, a Star Trek remake, combacks for Mickey Rourke and Clint Eastwood, the return of Quentin Tarantino and more...

"On the Unwritten Rule remix with Cappo, I dusted my mic off and attempted to keep up. I thought I’d see if i still could"...

"While I was at school I used to write lyrics in media class, I learned to breakdance and write graffiti at the same time"...

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