"An awesome musical performance, heartfelt and clearly executed in a deeply contemplative space"...

An entertaining and thoughtful exhibition of art and comics brought together in union at Nottingham Castle....

"Terrorists are intent on holding the US to ransom with a wave of technological terror, on the Fourth of July no less. The bastards"...

"I got drawn into the Burlesque scene... I’ve always had a passion for it in a bizarre way."...

This year the plan is to double last years efforts. From rock and dance, through to jazz, mambo and classical. The more the merrier...

Set in Nottingham during WWII, telling the story of the Simpson sisters; two young ladies for whom the war offers heartbreak and excitement....

We sent our man in wellies to a Lancashire festival with Skinny Sumo, Secret Stealth and Grain on the line-up...

"Doesn't deliver even half the wit and laughs of the previous two entries. This summer sell-out is about as fresh as week old Happy Meal McNuggets."...

Fantastic choreography, inspired music, beautiful women, hot men, and sex, sex sex......

Pick of the Week

The best of the next seven days in Notts...

Pick of the Week
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    An overview of the criminal careers of Bestwood Cartel leaders and 'Godfathers' of Nottingham gang crime, Colin and David Gunn
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    "I don't think I could have finished my life without managing Nottingham Forest"
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    Superheroes, the Doctor, films in fields, musicians in luchador masks, dancing like muppets - yep, Nottingham has it covered

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