Slippery When Wet

At Surface Gallery on Tuesday 28 February until Saturday 03 March

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Category: Art
Price: Free
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Surface Gallery presents Slippery When Wet, an installation based sculpture exhibition curated by Brendan Curtis and Rebecca Ounstead. Slippery When Wet comes as a result of intensive collaboration. Sabotage and dichotomy will be explored in the interaction between Curtis’ and Ounstead’s work. Bahktin’s notion of the carnival as a force for renewal, the analogue between formalism and symbolic visual motifs (cross-fade, close up) in Cinema, and an intensive experimentation with materials, and a desire to react against the curatorial conceit. Curtis and Ounstead will explore the perceived disparity that exists between their practices, playing with the elements that polarise as well as unite them and exploring also, the gulf that separates human beings from each other. They will push the boundaries of their practices by attempting to accept and adopt each other’s working methodologies.

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Surface Gallery
Address 16 Southwell Road
 NG1 1DL
Phone 0115 947 0793
Website Surface Gallery website
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