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We're a group of journalists, illustrators, tech geeks, photographers, and graphic designers who make a monthly magazine about all the cool stuff in Nottingham. LeftLion's been abaht for over ten years now; serving up everything from local contemporary literature, to interviews with people who review public toilets. 

Jared, Alan and Tim set up the LeftLion website back in 2003 to shout about Notts culture, and ended up publishing their first print magazine, with Shane Meadows on the cover, in 2004. Over the years loads of creative folk have been decking pages with the music, words, and characters of the city, all the time peppering articles in gritty art.

2013 saw Ali Emm become Editor and a small team move into Hockley offices, where we now kick out 12,000 copies every month and publish a load of content online. The magazine and website are chocka with the most proper of stuff, thanks to the support of umpteen contributors doing it for the love.

We've got everything from comic con vlogs, to Watson Fothergill's history, interviews with buskers, gig reviews, skate photography, plus our events listings section is the most comprehensive bogger going. If it's Notts, we're on it. You can access the whole print magazine archive online, and there's a fair whack of extra gear everywhere else on the site.

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Lucy Manning (lucy@leftlion.co.uk)

Alan Gilby (alan@leftlion.co.uk)

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Jared Wilson (jared@leftlion.co.uk)
Bridie Squires (bridie@leftlion.co.uk)

Shaun Gordon (shaun@leftlion.co.uk)

Aly Stoneman (poetry@leftlion.co.uk)

Paul Klotschkow (paulk@leftlion.co.uk)

Harry Wilding (harry@leftlion.co.uk)

Hazel Ward (hazel@leftlion.co.uk)

Shariff Ibrahim (shariff@leftlion.co.uk)

Raphael Achache (raphael@leftlion.co.uk


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