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Annie's Burger Shack Breakfasts

5 May 16 words: Ash Dilks

We got down to sample the good stuff..

Sure, the American diet is well-documented as being a little too indulgent and a touch heart clogging, but we’re hardly saints in England either: greasy fry ups, fish ‘n’ chips and copious amounts of Best Bitter. In a typically British fashion, we’ve become increasingly self-deprecating and apologetic about it, paving the way for hundreds of new businesses to sprout up and flog us their healthy alternatives. Frequently backed up by unsubstantiated medical claims, they invariably have exotic names: chia seeds, agave syrup, spirulina and amaranth. Whatever floats your boat, but we weren’t put on the earth to leave a good-looking corpse and if you’ve bought a gadget to spiralize your courgettes you need to take a good look at yourself.

Thankfully, Annie, purveyor of Annie's Burger Shack, has come to the rescue with an all-American breakfast menu which brazenly supplies us with the good stuff. Taking us on a coast to coast journey from the Pacific Northwest to the deep South, your jaw may drop whilst reading the menu. But hey, if your mouth’s open anyway, you might as well take another slurp of the bottomless coffee kindly topped up throughout your meal.

I decided I wasn’t brave enough to order a battered steak for breakkie, but the Huevos Rancheros (£7.20) still seemed a relatively badass option: refried beans between two tortillas topped with fried eggs, hot sauce and hash browns on the side. Not wanting to be shy, I ordered sides of French toast (£1.20) and a sausage patty (£1.40). It arrived in full glory – delightful and daunting in equal measures. Elvis would have been proud.

My colleague went for a lighter choice of Seattle Smoked Salmon Benedict (£7.50) topped with lashings of hollandaise sauce. For a sugar fix, she added a waffle with maple syrup (£2.20). The eggs benedict were perfectly cooked and the waffle was the size of a small plate and dusted with ample icing sugar.

While the shining stars of the menu are the heftier options, you can earn your stripes with a variety of lighter choices including omelettes, buttermilk pancakes or yoghurt with fruit. All menu items have vegetarian and vegan options too, which is impressive.

The best way to enjoy breakfast at Annie’s is at a leisurely pace. No need for ‘the man’ to worry, cos you’ll have enough energy to fuel your entire working day without the need for a lunch break. Plus you’ll be happy and content – the perfect employee, in fact.

Annie’s Burger Shack, 5 Broadway, Lace Market, NG1 1PR

Annie's Burger Shack website

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