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The Black Veil

Baklava Bistro is a Hidden Gem on Alfreton Road

7 November 18 words: Eve Smallman

They serve a whole lot more than the sticky treats...

Alfreton Road might seem a bit limited for restaurants; you've usually got a Chinese takeaway to yer left and a kebab shop to yer right. But look a bit closer and there are some right gems, like the recently-opened Baklava Bistro. I decided to give it a bash.

As soon as you close the door, you're away from the noisy road and into a welcoming, cosy atmosphere. There aren’t many seats or masses of people chattering, like some cafes. It's you and the food.

We went for a veggie Mediterranean brekkie, which included halloumi, roasted peppers, olives and eggs. All the good stuff for just a fiver. Their homemade borek (3 slices for £5) – thin, flaky phyllo pastry stuffed with feta cheese – came with olives, a tomato and cucumber garnish, plus Turkish tea, and was all kinds of tasty. Everything was served with a proper generous heap of traditional bread, with honey and jam on the side for dunkin'.

Oh, and the baklava? We were served a beautiful plate with five scrummy kinds of the Turkish sweet treat (£5.95 for the mix and match spesh). They make them in-house too. We're onto summat special here.

If your sweet tooth weren't aching enough, they also have a heck-ton of gourmet cakes. From Oreo to caramel, they sort yer cravings out good and proper. We took a strawberry and cream one home (£2.75) and watched it with Bake Off. Total bliss.

The owner was so lovely and welcoming too. Customer service makes all the difference, and he took the time to have a chat with us. You could tell he loves his beautiful cafe, and frankly, I can see why. It's the definition of a hidden gem, and it's worth the steep trek from the centre. Promise.

Baklava Bistro, 67 Alfreton Road, NG7 3JL. 07881 457273

Baklava Bistro website

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