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There's Astronomical Amounts of Food at COSMO World Buffet

28 October 18 words: Emily Thursfield

Sampling food from around the world never felt so easy...

With nineteen locations dotted around the UK, COSMO World Buffet know what’s up when it comes to the all-you-can-eat affair. Their Nottingham joint has been open since 2015, and it’s clear the place is still a firm favourite for many, as it was positively buzzing when we sat down to stuff ourselves with food.

There are eight live cooking stations where you can grab a plate and serve yourself as much scran as your heart desires for £14.99, or £16.99 at the weekend. They also offer a reduced menu at a reduced price of £8.99 at lunch times. I was determined to get my money's worth, so made it my personal mission to sample food from each cuisine available.

My first plate - or starter, if you will - was a roast dinner. After receiving my hand-carved turkey from the chef, I adorned my plate will all the appropriate accompaniments: roast potatoes, yorkshire pudding, carrots, cranberry sauce and gravy. Lovely.

Things turned Asian, and we tucked in to sweet and sour chicken, mussels in black bean sauce and mixed sushi tempura. I squeezed in a forkful of mac and cheese and a bite of margherita pizza before turning attention to dessert, chasing lemon cheesecake and strawberry mousse down with coconut sago and a dip in the chocolate fountain.

In the end, I managed to scoff six plates and approximately 33 items in miniscule quantities, which I don’t think is too bad for a five-foot-four human. Before tucking in, I was very aware that these buffet-type scenarios tend to lead to stuffed stomachs and an overwhelming sense of regret, but I left COSMO feeling nicely satisfied and happeh.

29A Milton Street, NG1 3EN. 0115 950 7755

Cosmo's Website

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