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Food Review: Bottomless Brunch at Copper Cafe

12 April 19 words: Ashley Carter

Our Editor Ashley took one for the team...

I’m the sort of person who sees a bottomless brunch as more of a personal challenge than an opportunity to enjoy an hour and a half of enchanting company. Whether that makes me a classless scumbag aside for now, I decided that the highly recommended Copper on Market Street was the venue to test my mettle and, as the clock struck 11am, the ninety-minute countdown began.

If you’ve never embarked on a bottomless brunch before, the premise is relatively simple. You pay a set price - £20 per person in this case – in order to drink as much alcohol as you like within a set time. I kicked things off with an enormous jug of Bloody Mary, which, as any self-respecting booze-hound will confirm, is the only acceptable way to drink before the clock has hit midday. Mixed beautifully and seasoned to perfection, it was an ideal choice to set the ball rolling.

Other options available on the bottomless brunch menu included Prosecco, Bellinis (raspberry, strawberry, passionfruit or mango), Mimosa and Pimms. We worked our way through all of them, with the only rule being that your drink must be finished before you could order again. Our poor waitress got more of a work out during that ninety minutes than your average Premier League footballer, but the service was attentive, light-hearted and excellent throughout.

Our food arrived at around the midway point, and was a welcome distraction from the alcohol. I chose the Columbian eggs, a deliciously simple concoction of scrambled eggs, sourdough, salsa and guacamole. The food was all faultless, but we were there to drink, and the combination of alcohol worked perfectly. If you’re looking to kick off your Sunday in the tipsy-ist way possible, the bottomless brunch at Copper cannot come highly recommended enough.  Ashley Carter

Copper Cafe, 27-33 Market St, Nottingham NG1 6HX

Copper Cafe website

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