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6 of the Most Hipster Coffees in Notts

15 November 19 words: Eve Smallman

Life is rarely ever boring. So why should your coffee be?

Honeycomb Mocha – Blend
This one's for all you Pooh Bears out there. The name just oozes cosiness, and the drink is lovely too. It mixes honeycomb with rich cocoa and a shot of coffee – the sweet-toothed dream you never knew you needed.

Spanish Latte – Wired
You don’t need to sashay around wearing a flamenco dress to sip on this. Condensed milk is stuff from the milky gods, and it turns your coffee into summat ultra sweet and tasty. If you’re after a sugar hit without it being overbearing, this is the good stuff.

Espresso and Tonic – The Specialty Coffee Shop
You’ve heard of G&T. But have you heard of E&T? No, not the lovely alien friend. The bitter taste of espresso gets a refreshing makeover from the bubbly taste of tonic. You’ll never go back to gin again.

Activated Charcoal Latte – No.12 Hounds Gate
Alright, we know this ain’t got coffee in it. But if you stick latte in the name, we’re gonna stick you on the list anyway. Apparently this is detoxing, anti-aging, and will keep you fit as fiddlesticks. Right-o.

Japanese Ice Brew – Outpost Coffee
It’s the technique that makes it Japanese, rather than the flavour – it’s brewed with hot water directly onto ice. If you’re after a chilled coffee affair, this one will sort you out.

Pink Latte – Effy
This Instagram-friendly gaff is pinker than Barbie’s wardrobe, so of course it has a hot beverage of the same shade. This too is sans coffee, but has a delightfully sweet beetroot taste and is topped with rose petals.

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