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Food Review: Yolk

1 October 19

If you’ve eaten at 31K, you’ll know that the service is great, the menu is concise and the food is fantastic. Following on from the success of the cocktail and meatballs bar, the same team has now opened Yolk; a sister-café next door that aims to deliver the best in eggy breakfasts... 

Based in Hockley, with a focus on all things Notts – from the locally sourced ingredients to the bespoke wooden tables – the concept is simple: you choose your style of egg, then select your bread, and finish it all off with either spinach, garlic mushrooms, ham, prosciutto, salmon, avocado or maple bacon. 

In a world of fussy eaters and over-loaded menus, it was refreshing to see a sleek, simple menu that offered enough choices to suit any mood or diet, all for the fairly decent price of £7 (+£2 for additional toppings). As well as the beaut grub, Yolk offers a decent selection of coffee, supplied by North Star Coffee Roasters, and a selection non-dairy milks, including oat, coconut and soya.

Here’s what we went for:

In the mellow, relaxing surroundings of the cosy cafe interior, I plumbed for poached eggs on wholemeal toast, accompanied by avocado. The eggs were cooked to perfection, the toast was tasty and the avocado was fresh and full of flavour. As a non-meat eater, even I was tempted by the enticing maple bacon… Ashley Carter

One of the problems of Western society is that we have too much choice and it leads to a state of perpetual anxiety. Anyway, I went for Omelette, English Muffin with Maple Bacon. The combination was supremely satisfying, with lashings of their lovely homemade hollandaise sauce which you can either have on the side or laddled on the top of any breakfast combo. Ash Dilks

After much deliberation, I went for scrambled egg and garlic ‘shrooms on a bagel. As someone who has spent many a weekend morning perfecting my own scramble, I was more than happy when my plate arrived, eggs the right side of fluffy. I’m a convert to a coconut milk flat white too — the coffee went down a treat. Emily Thursfield

Goose Gate, NG1 1FE

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