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The Black Veil

5 Places to Get Delicious Desserts in Nottingham

10 September 19 words: LeftLion

It's Sunday afternoon. You're sad 'cus it's Monday soon (and possibly a little hungover). You're after any possible way to cheer yoursen up and satisfy that rumbling belly of yours. Go easy on the roast 'taters at lunch time and devour one of these instead... 

This gorgeous gaff has only opened recently, but it’s pretty desserts have already made it a popular sweet spot. Vegans can also rejoice, as they do dairy-free flavours. Wham, bam, stick it on the ‘gram.

Every which way you can possibly think of concocting a milkshake-y or ice cream-y creation, this place has you covered. There’s one called Marriage Material, and if we could stick a ring on that legally, we would. 

Yumi Ice Cream Parlour
This special lil’ haunt is one of the only proper ice cream parlours in Nottinghamshire, and has a traditional American 50s style interior to boot. Yumi is in the name, so you know yummy is definitely in the game.

The Pudding Pantry
Their milkshakes bring everyone to the yard. Is it better than yours? Damn right. They could teach you, or you can just go in and buy one, and you know what’s going to be easier. They’ve even got boozy ones. Phwoar.

These guys know how to make a stand-up milkshake. Any sweet thing you can get your mitts on, they’ll bang it up and blitz it for you. There’s over 200 flavours, so you’ve got no chance of struggling to find one you like.

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