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Christmas on a Budget with Local Recipe Creator Lucy and Lentils

23 December 20 words: Lucy Parker
photos: Lucy Parker

Food is such a big part of the festive season, providing so many tasty memories and cause for merriment. Things might be feeling a bit tighter on the wallet following this year’s troubles, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still chow down on some tasty nosh this Christmas time. We’ve enlisted Notts recipe creator and photographer Lucy Parker to share some tips on how to make your food extra tasty on a budget, and make sure nothing goes to waste...

Leftover Ideas

Making the most of those leftovers will help get the most out of your pennies...

Bubble & Squeak Sausage Rolls. Just buy a sheet of puff pastry and pop all those delicious leftovers inside. If you’ve got any chutney leftover even better - just layer it in them!

Kimchi & Cheese Toastie. By Christmas you’ve usually got 1kg of cheese waiting to be eaten in the fridge. Swap out chutney or cranberry sauce for kimchi and pesto to give a different twist on that leftover good stuff.

Boxing Day Leftover Veg Rostis. Mash those veggies such as leftover peas, carrots, broccoli and spuds along with roasted squash, make into a patty shape, then fry in a generous glug of olive oil. Perfect for curing those festive hangovers.

Flavour for Less

Swapping a few ingredients to get maximum flavour for minimum cost

Vegetable stock. Instead of forking out for a pricey bag of premade stock, just use a simple stock cube with boiling water. Kallo and Knorr are good brands with lower salt too. Add a spoonful of cranberry sauce or chutney for a serious pop of flavour.

Swap fresh herbs for dried. Using dried herbs will take that flavour a little further than fresh. A pot of dried rosemary, thyme and sage will go a long way over the Christmas period, especially as they’re such classic flavours.

Perfect gravy. For a simple, divine gravy recipe that doesn’t call for expensive cuts or ingredients, use a simple base of mushrooms, a spoonful of marmite, a stock cube and cornflour mixed with water. Don’t forget those dried herbs for that extra wow-factor!

Make it yourself. It may sound really obvious, but buying raw veg such as parsnips, carrots and potatoes will always be cheaper than premade dishes from the supermarket. A tray of premade dauphinoise potatoes that serves six costs £8, whereas homemade can cost as little as £3.

For more festive food ideas and recipes, follow Lucy on Instagram or check out her website


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