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Lost City

6 of the Best Vegan Breakfasts in Nottingham

11 January 20

Six of the tastiest plant-based breakfasts to get your day off to the best start...

Loaded Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownie Pancakes - Pudding Pantry
Suffering from Bake Off withdrawals? No problem, because you can get your cake fix early in the day with this treat. White and milk chocolate perfectly compliment the generous serving of raspberry coulis, and they're topped off with melt-in-the-mouth brownie pieces. 

Avocado Ciabatta - Ugly Bread Bakery 
You can’t go wrong with a healthy portion of avocado toast. Topped with sun-blushed tomatoes, spinach as well as nuts and grains, you’ll feel all sorts of good inside. Your skin and nails will thank you for it, too. 

French Toast - No. 12 
These lot can make anything on their brunch menu vegan, but for a tasty twist on a classic, this is the one to try. The toast is sourdough, and comes lovingly paired with blueberry compote and thyme infused syrup. Oooh, our saliva is drippin’. 

Vegetarian Breakfast - Copper City 
The brunch hotspot in town offers vegan diners the chance to go the whole hog: falafel sausages, tomato, mushroom, spinach, baked beans and toast. Switch the eggs for fried potatoes and you’ve got yourself a plate of plant-based wonders. 

Toffo Acai Bowl - Zero 
Ever fancied pudding for breakfast? This one’s for you lot with a sweet tooth. Their acai bowl is laced with toffee sauce, Biscoff biscuits and is topped with granola, fresh fruit, chia seeds and even more Biscoff and toffee sauce. 

Protein Oats - Clean Cut Kitchen
Hit this one up after your Sunday morning Park Run... or your lie-in (we don’t judge). Choose from an array of plant milks, topped with summer berry compote and filled with a scoop of vegan protein powder. The gains never stop. 

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