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6 Items to Buy for Your Nottingham-Themed Cheeseboard

26 March 20 words: Eve Smallman
illustrations: Ali Taylor-Perry

With every passing day we're getting closure to sunshine and picnic weather. This year, we're gonna pass on shop-bought spreads and create our own, locally-sourced board full of Notts goodies. Here's what we'll be plucking from the shelves... 

Stichelton Dairy Ltd
Stichelton Dairy is the only British cheesemaker that produces a raw-cheese stilton and it’s a belter. The different parts of the cheese - the rind, the blue, the creamy-white - all have distinctly different flavours, making for one exciting mouthful after another.

First Love Rose
Hanwell’s Estate
This delightfully light rosé is a refreshing balancer to your board of cheesy goods. It’s made with grapes grown in South Nottinghamshire, and has notes of apples that give it a sweet bite. Cheers to that.

Shropshire Blue
Colton Bassett
Not only will this rich blue cheese look gorgeous on your board, it’s lovely to gorge on, too. The beautiful orange colour comes from annatto, which also gives it a nutty flavour. As well as that, you’ll get pops of tanginess, creaminess and sharpness. Delicious.

Sourdough Bread
Tough Mary’s Bakehouse
Forget about the crackers, Gromit. If you’re gonna have carbs, you may as well have the best carbs in town. Grab a fresh loaf, warm it up just a touch, and have a hearty hunk of it. The symphony of crackle when you break into it will tell you just how good it is.

Caramelised Red Onion
Mr. Pitchfork’s Pickles
In a pickle looking for the perfect chutney? This one is a twist on the classic. As well as that lovely richness from the onion, it has red wine and balsamic vinegar for that extra bit of punch. Spread it onto your favourite creamy cheese and enjoy.

Castle Gate Gin
Not a wine fan? This gin is also a winner in the drinks books. Acorns foraged in the Nottinghamshire area and in the Shires of Central England give it a subtle nuttiness, pairing very nicely with the tartness of the juniper and citrus fruit. 

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