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Nottingham Castle

Food Review: German Donar Kebab

19 April 21

All the flavour and none of the guilt...

At my old age of 24, I’m not afraid to admit that I’m well past my clubbing days. I hate the sweaty smell, strangers stepping on my feet and the hangover-headaches that are enough to cause me anxiety for the rest of the week. It’s safe to say that during lockdown I wasn’t one desperate for the dancefloor. But one thing I will admit to craving in the past year has been the after-club food – a £1.99 wrap of the day or, if I’m feeling particularly ravenous, a £4 doner. 

On a trusted recommendation, I gave German Doner Kebab on Uber Eats a go at healing my hankering.  Described as gourmet, their kebabs are made using premium lean meats, with each piece of the dish being handmade. Their signature dish is described as a ‘trademark kebab sandwich’ featuring your choice of doner meats, plus fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, red cabbage and three signature sauces (garlic, yoghurt and spicy), served in toasted sesame bread. For meat I picked chicken, and settled for some curry-seasoned fries as a side. 

It’s safe to say they’re not shy with their portions, and I’ll admit I was slightly intimidated when I saw the size of the sandwich on my plate. Kebabs often have the ability to make me feel like a bowling ball of bloat afterwards, but to GDK’s credit, their promise of premium is sound in my book. The veggies tasted fresh and there was no sign of grease on the meat – in fact, I snuffled the entire potion and still felt as light as a feather. My favourite component had to be the sesame bread, which I’d probably eat in loaves if they let me. 

For under a tenner, I was impressed, and I’ve been a repeat customer since. Here’s to more sober doner sarnies.  DD Dobbins 

42-44 Upper Parliament Street, NG1 2AG

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