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Poddingham #7,Poddingham

14 July 09 words: Poddingham
Natalie Duncan, Tommy Farmyard, Nottingham Pride, tunes, tunes and tunes

LeftLion's magazine podcast returns with another gloriously eclectic 10p mix of tunes, interviews, and reportage from the vast and all-pervading LeftLion empire, brought to you by the one and only Poddingham Paul.

If you want to know what's happening in Notts, this is what you need to cock your tabs towards...

This month:

Splendour is on the horizon - and LeftLion have got their own stage again -  so Paul has a natter with the ludicrously gifted Natalie Duncan and Tommy Farmyard of Farmyard Records, before training his sights on the forthcoming Nottingham Pride celebration and getting the lowdown from Mitch, their press officer.

Meanwhile, Jared from LeftLion swings by for a sneak preview of the 5th anniversary issue of the mag, and he brings along Dave Blenkey, our art director. It's another reasonably laid-back meander through the cultural byways of this toppermost-drawer city, to be sure...


Natalie Duncan - City So Grey
Natalie Duncan - Retribution
Satnam's Tash - Traffic Warden
John Marriott - Queasy Like Sunday Morning

Local bands - we need your tunes!

We've got even more podcasts up our sleeves, so we're crying out for local bands to let us give them some exposure. No matter what genre you are, we can play you (as long as you're good), so get your MP3s over to [email protected] right now. When you send us your tunes you're giving us the legal right to play it on our podcasts. Oh, and your band name, biog and URLs and forthcoming gig info would be handy, an'all.

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