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Write Lion #1,Write Lion

29 July 09 words: Write Lion
NEW: Our literature section gets its own podcast

Write Lion, LeftLion's literary section, finally enters the 21st century and expands its wings into the world of podcasting.

Showcasing the written word in all of its glorious forms, we kick off with Jamie Rhodes of Donkey Stone Films and four fledglings from the forum. There’s other stuff too, so give your eyes a rest, put your feet up and learn a little about literature in your hometown...




Jamie Rhodes discusses the screenwriting process at Donkey Stone Films

Hymn - These Hands

Ian Collinson announces the winners of the Nottingham Poetry Society performance competition

Rosie Gardner, Louise Ashley and Michelle ‘Mother’ Hubbard read their winning poems

Four fledglings from the Write Lion forum discuss all things literary

Hymn - ‘Paper Trail’

Jared Wilson of LeftLion discusses poetry and hip-hop


WriteLion is all about promoting your work, so we want to hear from authors, poets, reading groups, publishers and particularly our beloved brood on the forum. So if you have something to promote, or simply want to vent spleen about the latest bestsellers, get in contact with bookasaurus on the forum or email [email protected]. Remember, word lovers - this podcast is whatever YOU make it...


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