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WriteLion 2#,Write Lion

30 September 09 words: Write Lion
WriteLion proves literature can be sexy with some controversial and hilarious guests. Prepare to be offended and delighted in equal measures...

Write Lion, LeftLion's literary section, continues its voyage into the 21st century with a second podcast. Weighing in at a mammoth 1hr 23mins, we celebrate the forthcoming Canning Circus Festival with an eclectic array of guests discussing pornography, literary forgeries, writing spaces, Creative Writing courses and pomposity in poetry. There’s other stuff too, so give your eyes a rest, put your feet up and learn a little about literature in your hometown...


Marion Bell discusses how the Liverpool poets influenced her work and her dislike of pomp in poetry.  
David Belbin discusses and reads from his latest novel The Pretender and gives an insight into running the NTU MA in Creative Writing
Aly Stoneman and Milk perform Mermaids
Aly Stoneman and Killing Jar author Nicola Monaghan discuss life at the Nottingham Writers’ Studio and November’s Word of Mouth event
Liv Torc performs Mr Bumblebee which was one of the highlights from the Phased and Confused tent at Summer Sundae.
Al Needham discusses Todger Talk, his 2008 sex blog of the year and why it is impossible to pull in Nottingham
Rebecca Dakin discusses the transition from escort to author with details of her book The Girlfriend Experience   

See more of our guests as part of the Canning Circus Festival at the Gallery, above the Hand and Heart pub, on Oct 3rd (4pm-8pm) FREE ENTRY

Line up is:

4.00 – 4.40 WriteLion forum
4.40 – 4.50 Grab a beer, smoke a tab
4.50 – 5.30 Megan Taylor (How we were Lost) and Nicola Monaghan (The Killing Jar, StarFishing)
5.30 – 5.40 Grab a beer, smoke a tab
5.40 – 6.40 Nottingham Writers’ Studio poetry featuring
Mike Wilson
Marion Bell
Wayne Burrows
Aly Stoneman and Milk
6.40 – 6.50 Grab a beer, smoke a tab
6.50 – 7.40 Sexy Saturday with Rebecca Dakin and Al Needham
7.40 –      Get hammered and listen to some free music in Canning Circus bars. 


WriteLion is all about promoting your work, so we want to hear from authors, poets, reading groups, publishers and particularly our beloved brood on the forum. So if you have something to promote, or simply want to vent spleen about the latest bestsellers, get in contact with bookasaurus on the forum or email [email protected]. Remember, word lovers - this podcast is whatever YOU make it so join us for the spoken word event on the 3rd and tell us what you need! 


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