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Poddingham #14,Poddingham

30 April 10 words: Poddingham
Liam O'Kane, The Art Organisation, Gaz from The Maze, and tunes, tunes, tunes

Welcome back to the sparkly realm of Poddingham, LeftLion’s magazine podcast, with the inimitable Poddingham Paul serving as your curly-coiffed tour guide, pointing out the quirks and highpoints whilst pausing now and then to fling assorted tune-frisbees hither and yon.

The 14th edition of Poddingham kicks off with an awesome track from Nottingham’s hottest new artist, Gallery 47. No let-up on the music front after – we also have new and exclusive tracks from Patchwork Grace, Breadchasers and Maniere Des Bohemiens.
Interview-wise, Liam O'Kane swings by to deal a track from his forthcoming LP and do a session, while  Jazz from The Art Organisation talks creatives, volunteers, locally-sourced Vegan pudding, and, to be blunt, Viking Poledancing. Kinda.
Chuck in a visitation from Gaz Peacham, the promoter of the Maze and one of the hardest-working chaps on the local music scene, and your Poddingham-related needs are fully sated for another month - so don’t let your tabs go unnourished a moment longer...

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