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Write Lion 5#,Write Lion

15 April 10 words: Write Lion
Think you're a devoted writer? Meet someone who flogged their house to finance their debut novel. Also how you could write for Family Guy

Like books and want to make a living out of the written word instead of flipping burgers at McDonalds? Then this is the podcast for you. Paul Reaney confesses all his trade secrets about how to write for a wide variety of publications and platforms which includes Family Guy, Shoot and 24. Megan Taylor discusses the inspirations behind her second novel The Dawning while Rod Maddocks discusses the nature of ‘evil’ and why he sold his house to concentrate on writing No Way to Say Goodbye. Music comes from the gorgeously wonderful Hhymn.

Paul Reaney Family Guy
Hhymn Land of Souls
Megan Taylor The Dawning
Hhymn What will be
Rod Maddocks No Way to say Goodbye

WriteLion is all about promoting your work so we want to hear from authors, poets, reading groups, publishers and particularly our beloved brood on the forum. So if you have something to promote or simply want to vent spleen about the latest bestsellers, get in contact with bookasaurus on the forum or email [email protected]. Remember word lovers, this podcast is whatever YOU make it.  

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