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Green Light in the City

Poddingham #13,Poddingham

25 March 10 words: Poddingham
Featuring Duncan from Geek Mythology, Glen from Help for Chile and Jared from LeftLion Magazine

This month sees the launch of Geek Mythology in the Leftlion Universe! Its author, Duncan Heath is here to discuss the essence of geek, and, why you may well be one (when P isn't babbling over him, in geek overdrive!).

Jared Wilson pops in from the mag to talk all things 'Naddinghayam' well all things Robin Hood, anyway - in anticipation of the imminent Ridley Scott blockbuster (and where to satisfy your munchies), in an exclusive preview of LeftLion Magazine 34.

Finally, an unexpected return, from Glen Davies, in the most wrenching Poddingham interview to date, explaining how your partying to great bands and DJ's can help raise funds, in a very targeted way, for people suffering as a result of the the Chilean earthquake, and its aftermath.

Add to that the usual great eclectic mix of local sounds from Rescued by Wolves, The Cedars, 25 Past the Skank, Lippy Cool, Luxury Stranger and DJ Snax!


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