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Write Lion #6,Write Lion

31 May 10 words: Write Lion
Forget that volcano with the weird name ruining your holiday, get down to these wordy festivals, including a fantasy fiction all-dayer

LeftLion secretly planted a bomb inside that Icelandic volcano with the funny name so that all your flights would get cancelled. Why? Because this June sees Southwell Poetry Festival, Lowdham Book Festival, a fantasy all-dayer at Alt Fiction and ‘I’m an American Poet’ which is much more fun than getting a suntan and losing your virginity to a Spanish waiter. In addition to discussing this lot we chatted to NCN students about graphic illustrated poetry and a couple from the forum discussed all things Hood.      


Aly Stoneman and Rowland Nelkin read Hood poetry and discuss festivals
Eireann Lorsung discusses the I’m an American Poet festival
Ticklin’ Stick by La musique du lait
Graphic poetry with James Johnson and NCN students
Alex Davis and Mark Charan Newton on Alt Fiction 

WriteLion is all about promoting your work so we want to hear from authors, poets, reading groups, publishers and particularly our beloved brood on the forum. So if you have something to promote or simply want to vent spleen about the latest bestsellers, get in contact with bookasaurus on the forum or email [email protected]. Remember word lovers, this podcast is whatever YOU make it.   

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