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Write Lion 8,Write Lion

22 October 10 words: Write Lion
Anthony Cartwright, Maria Allen and a couple from the forum pop in for a natter about all things wordy


Wayne Rooney has been sleeping with prostitutes and wants to leave Man.Utd. Why? Because he’s got a five-book deal with Harper Collins and needs something to write about. But we don’t care about him or celebrity books. We care about quality writers which is why Tindal Street authors Maria Allen and Anthony Cartwright have popped in for a natter. Joining them are two up-and-coming writers from the forum who have recently won an award and a bursary.  




Blue Yonder Propaganda

Anthony Cartwright Heartland and Mary Allen Before the Earthquake

Yvonne Lake – Writing Industries Conference winner

Blue Yonder - What do they want for their money?

Joy Armstrong – Bafta Rockcliffe New Forum Writing winner



WriteLion is all about promoting your work so we want to hear from authors, poets, reading groups, publishers and particularly our beloved brood on the forum. So if you have something to promote or simply want to vent spleen about the latest bestsellers, get in contact with bookasaurus on the forum or email [email protected]. Remember word lovers, this podcast is whatever YOU make it.   

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