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Poddingham #17 - Resurrection!,Poddingham

26 February 11 words: Poddingham
The return of Poddingham - LeftLion's magazine podcast

Poddingham #17 - Poddingham Resurrection!

Did you miss us while we were away? Did you hang our picture on your wall? Poddingham returns from hiberation with the usual eclectic mix of guests and great new music. Featuring…
Trish Evans - the co-creator of the pipeline: they came running exhibition - and the person responsible for the outstanding cover of the latest issue of LeftLion – swings by to discuss her new work and forthcoming tour.
We are Avengers – the lo-fi soul sorts of no little repute drop in for a chat and peel off an amazing session for your aural delight
UKUncut – Local representative Stuart Halforty talks banks, cuts, and the rapidly growing protest movement that's hit the streets of Nottingham, and helped spark a worldwide phenomenon.
Artificial Sole - some red-hot performance poetry from the witty and distinctive Mr AS

Tunes, Tunes, Tunes - from Dick Venom & The Terrortones, Gallery 47, and Will Jeffery
Art, politics, poetry and music? Get it down yer!
Poddingham has been recorded and produced by Foundation Students at Electric Mayhem Studios, Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies.

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