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Sound of the Lion: Goth Special,Sound of The Lion

12 October 14 words: SOTL
We teamed-up with Nightbreed to bring you a selection of songs from the Nottingham goth scene past and present

A Sound of the Lion special focusing on the Nottingham goth scene past and present. Brought to you in association with Nigthbreed Recordings and Nightbreed Radio. Read our interview with Trevor Bamford of Nightbreed.

Luxury Stranger // Making Becci Laugh
Suspiria // Allegedly, Dancefloor Tragedy
Illumina // Night Chameleon
Pro-Jekt // Next World
Every New Dead Ghost // Not In A Lifetime
Emma Conquest // The Cage
Soulscape // End Of Ages (Elevation)
Midnight Configuration // Unholy Beat
Manuskript // Faking Lies
Sinister Warrior // The Burning Sky
Neon Zoo // Monster
Die Laughing // Labyrinthe
Renoized // Void
Intra-Venus // Persecution
Lupine // Broken Wings
In Isolation // Film Noir Scandal
Arcane Winter // The Mirror Cracked From Side To Side

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