Nusic Podcast #144

19 December 16 words: Nusic

Get some of these proper Notts, proper new tunes stuffed in your lugholes..

NUSIC New Music Podcast 144 (200) – Tracklisting

The Edi Johnston Bit – This Christmas
Rubix – Speakerbass [White Horse Records]
Luke Peter Foster feat. Maya Law – That Love
James Letta feat. Dom Hudson – Eyes for You
Rewind: Jake Buckley feat. Beth Frisby – If It’s Over
Ashfields – Eclipse
Back To The Future: Tom McCartney – The Bottle Ain’t For Me (Live Future Session Track)
K.JI – Snakes & Adders (Live Future Session Track)
Artist Of The Month: D.I.D – Heavy Cloud [Your Childhood Records]
Rosie Abbott – Nowhere Near
Kemet FM Track Of The Week: Lisa Hendricks & The Project-Us Band – Long Distant Lover
Matt Blick – Fingernails
Crosa Rosa – Wear My Heart
Sol Baish – Nusic, Oh Nusic

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