Nusic Podcast #131,Nusic

20 June 16 words: Nusic
The latest Nottingham new music podcast, featuring an interview from last night's Future Sound of Nottingham winner, plus all the good tab fodder you could want for

This week’s New Music Podcast features an interview with the #FSN2016champs, the fruitiest Notts music video since Indiana, and the tune that iTunes stopped us from playing!

This podcast may contain some fruity language. Sensitive ears – you have been warned.

Nusic New Music Podcast 131 (187) – Tracklisting

Silver Wilson – I’ll Be There
8mm Orchestra – Dolph Lundgren
Kizzle feat. ski – Switch Lanes
Joseph Knight – Nervous
Rewind: The Invisible Orchestra feat. Harleighblu – Light Up My World
For The Girl – Where Did Time Go?
Back To The Future: A Dee – Why War? (Live Future Session Track)
Autumn Diet Plans – 24 (Live Future Session Track)
#FSN2016 Champ Interview
Prime – To Be or Not To Be [Public House]
Kemet FM Track Of The Week: Trekkah feat. Lowrie – Slowly Fading [Phlexx]
Twin Kidd – Fade
Keto – Nowhere [Denizen]
Levi-Civita – Odyssey



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