Sound of the Lion #47,Sound of The Lion

26 May 16 words: SOTL
With Snowy, Little Bribes, Michael Reddington, We Show Up On Radar, Future Shinjuku, Vincent Bella, Merrick's Tusk, Vandal Savage and Wolf Club

All of the tracks played on this podcast are taken from the latest Nottingham music releases that have dropped in to our inbox and we’ve reviewed in LeftLion Magazine #78. Stick your headphones in and give us a listen!

Snowy - Knots
Little Bribes - Dead Name
Michael Reddington - You Find Out On Your Own
We Show Up On Radar - Enough Butter
Future Shinjuku - Tuesday Nuisance
Vincent Bella - I Died In The Night
Merrick's Tusk - Solitude
Vandal Savage - The Fry Up
Wolf Club - Anywhere Without You

If you are a local music maker and want LeftLion to cover and promote your music, head over to now.

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