Nusic Podcast #141

7 November 16 words: Nusic

Those new Notts music champions deliver a fresh podcast, full of the sounds of the city...

This week’s New Music Podcast features Canning Circus’s sauciest, the reveal of our School Tour artists, plus Deputy Editor Sam’s long lost bezzie from primary school.

This podcast may contain some fruity language. Sensitive ears – you have been warned.

NUSIC New Music Podcast 141 (197) – Tracklisting

Hashtagobi – u going out tonight?
Rubix – Unification [White Horse Records]
Komino – Tell Me
Arc Isla – Cut Your Losses
Rewind: Trekkah feat. Edward Reisner – Own Worst Enemy
Three Girl Rhumba – Budget Day
Back To The Future: We Are Carnivores – Theodor’s a Don, Bro (Live Future Session Track)
Jorday – Red Light (Live Future Session Track)
Rob Green – Headstrong [Outlaw]
Crosa Rosa – Like a Lady
Chloe McShane – Au Fait
Wolf Club feat. Petia Pavlova – Highway Romance
Nat – Colonial Rule
Foule – Oh, My Life

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