Nusic Podcast 142

22 November 16 words: Nusic

Get a load of this stuffed into your lugholes. Every Nottingham musician from Joseph Knight, to Lisa Hendricks and Alice Short are on this motherload of a podcast...

NUSIC New Music Podcast 142 (198) tracklisting

Komino – So Far
Arc Nade – Bad & Bad
Lisa Hendricks & The Project-Us Band – Long Distant Lover
Vega Bay – Drench
Rewind: Hashtag Obi – u going out tonight?
One Giant Causeway – Use You
Back To The Future: Jorday – Hella Bandz (Live Future Session Track)
Alice Short – Small Towns (Live Future Session Track)
Joseph Knight feat. Amy Illingworth – Hold Onto Me
Crosa Rosa – Wear My Heart
Kemet FM Track Of The Week: Holly Fallon – Water is Deep
K.Ji – Snakes & Adders
Cherry Hex & The Dream Church – Tea of Tears
Nottingham Music Hub With Nottingham City Schools  If Every Child Could

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