Nusic Podcast #139,Nusic

11 October 16 words: Nusic

With The Mocking Jays, Lone, Alex Wright, Bru-C, Tiger, Vega Bay, Cherry Hex and The Dream Church, Jimi Mack, Trekkah feat. Bud and loads more

This week’s New Music Podcast features some Welsh Notts music, New Notts Music for your chakras, plus the artist Bez off Notts TV loves.

This podcast may contain some fruity language. Sensitive ears – you have been warned.

Nusic New Music Podcast 139 (195) – Tracklisting

The Mocking Jays – Sex on The Beach
Lone – Vapour Trail [R&S Records]
Alex Wright – Treetop Lullaby
Bru-C – Step Down
Rewind: Tiger – Hybrid
Vega Bay – Badmash
Back To The Future: Cherry Hex And The Dream Church – You Always Lost at Truth or Dare (Live Future Session Track)
Jimi Mack – Castaways (Live Future Session Track)
Artist Of The Month: Trekkah feat. Bud – Stereo
April Towers – Get Recovered [Lab Records]
Kemet Fm Track Of The Week: Di Esquire – Fly High
Cameron Sinclair Harris – Brain Cells
K.Ji – It Ain’t Even Fair
Drive Like Kids – Fractured

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