TRCH - Twentieth Century Boy

Sound of the Lion #51,Sound of The Lion

24 September 16 words: SOTL

With Seas of Mirth, Zaim, One Giant Causeway, Kretchmer, Mammoths, Deafenese, Brooders, On The Open Road, and Lone

All of the tracks played on this podcast are taken from the latest Nottingham music releases that have dropped in to our inbox and we’ve reviewed in LeftLion Magazine #82. Stick your headphones in and give us a listen!

Seas of Mirth - Esmerelda
Zaim - Reminiscent Relapse (ft. Daisy Godfrey)
One Giant Causeway - Get On
Kretchmer - Sick Car
Mammoths - Cop Out
Deafense - Gazebos
Brooders - You Called My Queen
On The Open Road - Smooth Sailing Is A Fool's Thought
Lone - Vapour Trail

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