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What's on the LeftLion Stereo?

25 November 17 words: Paul Klotschkow

Find out what our Music Editor has been stuffing in his tabs this month...

Friends of Friends – Crossroads
High-gloss indie-rock that’s so shiny you can imagine the band doing their hair in front of it.

Keto – Blackened Pool
Further evidence that Leah Sinead, under the guise of Keto, is one of Nottingham’s best songwriters. Here, minor key melancholia goes for a nighttime swim among tumbling piano and yearning violin.

Josh Wheatley – Chemicals
This big-production brooder finds the singer-songwriter in contemplative mood with only his loneliness and mournful guitars for company. If you see him around town, give him a hug for us.

Kagoule – Monsieur Automaton
The band’s latest single is an angular and punchy kick to the knackers, accompanied by a suitably lo-fi surrealist video made by their drummer Lawrence.

Nartz – Normal
A swaggy and confident, yet slightly low-key track from the CRS alumnus.

Hip Priests – Scene is a Crime
High-octane punk-rock with in-your-face guitars that roar like a jet engine and spittle-flecked snarled vocals.

Zed Boys – 16 (featuring Snowy)
A summit of Notts grime heads that crowbars in mentions of Bingham and Ripley for true realness.

Crosa Rosa – Sweety
A swirling garage-rock psych jam that comes on like Tame Impala’s hyperactive little brother.

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