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Nusic Podcast #165 with Mez, Eyre Llew, As December Falls and More

2 November 17 words: Nusic

On this week’s New Music Podcast we tell of how you can get all the insider secrets from Spotify, we share some saxophone-led electro-pop, plus we get a Woolworth's reference in...

Mez  Magnum
Taurtollo Om’s Mehndi [Ad Hoc Records]
Jake Burns What’s Going On?
As December Falls Keep Dreaming
Rewind: Prysms feat Lauren Amour  Good Question
Keto Blackened Pool
Back To The Future: Mollie Ralph Miss Misery (Live Future Session Track)
Kwoli Black Closed Fist (Live Future Session Track) 
Artist of the Month: Eyre Llew Atelo
Wolf Club feat. Petia Pavlova Sunset Drive
Kemet FM Track of the Week: Lia White (prod. Ken Samson) Maybe
Anomic Soul Transmission
Sawyer Darling
Nick Aslam Warrior in Woolworths


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