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Nusic Podcast #184: Live From Splendour with Ady Suleiman, Nina Smith, Ashfields, Ferocious Dog and more

6 August 18 words: Nusic

This week, it's festival fever on the podcast, featuring a live interview with Future Sound of Nottingham 2018 winners The Dandylions, and a load more boggers who played Splendour this year...

Nina Smith Whiteboards
Ashfields  Is It Alright Now?
Ady Suleiman Out Of Luck (Nusic Presents Version)
Ferocious Dog Black Leg Miner
Rewind: Nadia Rae Good Love
Artist Of The Month: April Towers One Night
Back To The Future – Clonk! Vehicular Anatomy (Live Future Session Track)
Laurie Illingworth Hollow (Live Future Session Track)
The Dandylions Hairspray
Don’t Forget Rupert The Past Is A Dangerous Place
Kemet FM Track of the Week: Nina Smith Run Out
Katie Cooper Time
5ivers Gwop And Gwolla
Re Teu St Brendan


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