TRCH Nov 19

Sound of the Lion #66

5 February 18

With JC and The Sunshine Band, Taco Hell, Gallery 47, Cherry Hex and The Dream Church, The Chase, Louis Croft, Faceless, The Ruffs and T.O.W.E.R.S...

All of the tracks played on this podcast are taken from the latest Nottingham music releases that have dropped in to our inbox and we’ve reviewed in LeftLion Magazine #98. Stick your headphones in and give us a listen! 

JC & The Sunshine Band - The Day Jim Davidson Died
Taco Hell - Know Nothing
Gallery 47 - Lefty
Cherry Hex & The Dream Church - Witch Girl
The Chase - Where’s The Love?
Louis Croft - Lonely Night
Faceless - Faceless Affair
The Ruffs - New Obsessions
T.O.W.E.R.S - Promised You Nothing

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