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Nusic Podcast #174 with Bru-C, The Invisible Orchestra, Ady Suleiman, Brotherhood and more...

13 March 18 words: Nusic

This week’s New Music Podcast features new music from a studio gremlin, new music filmed in the Bodega toilets, plus a really, really special Rewind. This podcast may contain some fruity language. Sensitive ears – you have been warned.

Eva Plays Dead  Get Back
Bru-C feat. Skepsis Take It Slow
Adam Zareba What Comes Next
The Invisible Orchestra Benzo Fury
Rewind: Ken Samson feat. Oliver Davis Disguise My Love
Silver Wilson Let You Go
Back To The Future: Onkaur Faded Spark (Live Future Sessions Track)
Nactus Kunan Proxima B
Ady Suleiman Need Somebody to Love (Nusic Presents Live Version)
Brotherhood Lover
Kemet FM Track Of The Week: Emily Makis Cool It
Jowl Heart Won't Follow
Akomplis Into You
Bone Cult Given Love

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