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Sound of the Lion #67

3 March 18

With Cecille Grey, Hellebore, Charlotte Evans, Distant Blue, Le Terme, The Hip Priests, VVV, Jetlines and Georgie...

All of the tracks played on this podcast are taken from the latest Nottingham music releases that have dropped in to our inbox and we’ve reviewed in LeftLion Magazine #99. Stick your headphones in and give us a listen! 

Cecille Grey - Malt Sweetness
Hellebore - Monster
Charlotte Evans - Apart
Distant Blue - Grow Up Slowly
Le Terme - 6 Minutes To Shelford
The Hip Priests - I’m Too Good
VVV - Triple VVV
Jetlines - Bridges
Georgie - Too Much TV

If you are a local music maker and want LeftLion to cover and promote your music, head over to now.

Celebrating Caterntide

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