Nusic Podcast #198 with Joy Mumford, Mollie Ralph, Snowy, Aja and More...

19 February 19 words: Nusic

This week’s New Music Podcast features Pistols inspired nihilism, shots inspired Indie, plus Moonshine inspired Americana… via Beeston. This podcast may contain some fruity language. Sensitive ears – you have been warned...

Joy Mumford Loving Me
Rubix Dance With Me
Mollie Ralph Give It Up
Cucamaras Glassjaw
Rewind: Oliver Davis Confidence
Spotlight Kid Shivers
Back To The Future: Archie Imagine (Live Future Session Track)
Don't Forget Rupert Get Fucked
Snowy Alpha
The Avion Where's The Scene
Kemet FM Track Of The Week: Chai Wise Words
Ryan Farmer Motordrome Blues
Mid November All I Do
Aja Marbles

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