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Nusic Podcast #204 with Do Nothing, Keto, The Dandylions, Tee Peters and More...

13 May 19 words: Nusic

This week’s New Music Podcast features #FSN2019 latest – we reveal the Round One Industry Professionals, we share THE pop song of Dot to Dot 2018, plus there’s new music on a canal boat. This podcast may contain some fruity language. Sensitive ears – you have been warned...

Do Nothing Gangs
Arc Nade x Darkzy Bullacaka
Keto Blackened Pool
San Junipero 077
Rewind: Kirk Spencer feat. Aadae Product
Drew Thomas Just Getting By
Back to the Future: Velvet Blush Drown (Live Future Session Track)
Elliot Williams Chin Up, Son (Live Future Session Track)
The Dandylions Hairspray
Tee Peters feat. Nebula Working
Kemet FM Track of the Week: LTMT feat. ABII Scale It Back
The Headspace The Common
Georgia McKiernan Covered Lover (Live Future Session Track)
Secondsxmmer Off My Back

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