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Nusic New Music Podcast #219 with Do Nothing, Alice Robbins, Alfie Sharp, The Avion and More...

3 February 20 words: Nusic

This week’s New Music Podcast features the band winning Bodega quizzes, the band trying to get a Bodega sponsorship, plus People’s Podcast news – not linked to The Bodega.

This podcast may contain some fruity language. Sensitive ears – you have been warned.

Do Nothing Lebron James
Jacob Fowler Do You Ever
Alice Robbins G.D.F.S
Velvet Blush Drown
Rewind: Kynch Roll The Dice
Zed feat. Simple Life Make the Pain Stop
Back to the Future: Catch Fire Stabbing Pains (Live FS Track)
Blle Don't Be Surprised
Bone Cult Feed on You
Don't Forget Rupert Blindfold
Kemet FM Track of the Week: Alfie Sharp Nostalgia
The Avion Bodega Boogie
Camille Christel Goldsmith Street
Carrz, Izo, Maugz, Akadeekay On Time

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