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Nusic New Music Podcast 241: The People's Podcast

11 January 21 words: Nusic

The People’s New Music Podcast – our annual selection of Notts artists you think are gonna step up over the next twelve months, based on objective (as possible) reasoning.

The Podcast may contain some fruity language. Sensitive ears – you have been warned.

Franky Bones Steady
Leo Kalt

First Place [Rinse]

Chloe Rodgers A Delphian Lullaby

I'll Be Thee

REWIND: Project Zeus feat. Tiffany Jade Wholehearted 
Layne Kickback
Back to the Future: Ella Knight Q+A (Live Future Session Track) 
The Crying Violets  Breathe
Truepilot regrets
Phidizz Space Jam 
Jaymal feat Tizzy Move
Beau Presley Fade to Grey
Trinity Square Down
Ben Mark Smith Who's That Girl?

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