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Lost City

Nusic New Music Podcast #263 - Future Sounds of Nottingham

5 May 22 words: Nusic

One of the biggest shows of the year! This week’s New Music Podcast shares which musicians have made it to the Future Sound of Nottingham 2022 Semi-Finals. With over 100+ entries this is one of the closest Semi-Finals ever.

Don’t feel too down if you didn’t make it this year, your progress to the Semi-Final depends on the verdict of multiple sets of ears, it may be your awesome but your music just didn’t resonate with all of those ear owners. Please remember we are trying our best, we put a lot of effort in to creating this opportunity and then put an independent panel of Industry Professionals in place to make these tricky decisions (and of course expose your music to industry pros who can help you if they like what they hear, regardless of whether you make it to the next round). NO ONE AT NUSIC VOTES!

The Nusic New Music Podcast is supported by Confetti and DHP Family. is supported by Nottingham City Council.

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