3 Week Felt Making

At Craft Studio


Learn all you need to know about traditional felt making in this fun and exciting weekly class covering the main felting techniques.

Wet felting is the process of using roving-wool that has not been spun into yarn,  arranged on a surface and subjected to hot water and agitation to create felt fabric.

During the course we will be using wool yarns, novelty yarns and other fibers and fabrics These will be worked into the felt to create texture, dimension and interest.
Next we will be looking at needle felting and ways in which to work with the needles and the yarn to add accuracy and precision to a a flat dry piece of felt and then we will experiment with the 3D sculptural option.
We will then use our new found skills and techniques to work on a piece that can be framed, sewn or just admired!

The Craft Studio

60 Derby Road

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