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3 Women + Intro

At Broadway Cinema


Strange dreams don’t just exist within the films this weekend – the idea for 3 Women famously came to Robert Altman in a dream when his wife lay seriously ill in hospital. Upon waking up, Altman had a specific memory of directing Sissy Spacek and Shelley Duvall in a film about identity theft, set against a backdrop of the California desert.

In the film, Spacek and Duvall star as housemates Pinky and Millie, who live and work together in a deserted dusty California resort town. Pinky idolises Millie but her behaviour turns sinister when she begins to mimic Millie’s mannerisms and behaviour, and starts demanding to be called Mildred.

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Broadway Cinema

14-18 Broad Street
0115 952 6611

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