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Acting for Beginners

At Adams Building


Our acting course is aimed at beginners and Intermediate learners who wish to refresh the basics of the craft of acting.

Start completely from scratch or build upon existing experience.

Working within our well-resourced city centre location, with a tutor who has professional experience within the acting industry in stage, film and audio performance, you will learn about:

  • Vocal and physical expression
  • Improvisational skills
  • Character creation
  • Textual analysis
  • Stagecraft
  • Psychological realism

You will also delve into practitioners of the craft such as Stanislavski. You will explore the specific skills necessary for Shakespearian acting and physical theatre.

You will have opportunities to perform your work within the class and receive detailed guidance and feedback from your tutor.

Enrol here:


Adams Building

Stoney Street
Lace Market
0115 9 100 100

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